We need to get the safety and security kit home

Many of the risks that your policy doesn’t cover are dangers that are best left uninsured, either because you can prevent the damage through proper maintenance of your Modified Shipping Container Home, or because the cost of the extra premiums isn’t worth the extra coverage. But there are some cases where it’s worth taking out extra insurance in the form of “riders” to complement your main policy.

Earthquake insurance is one such example, depending on where you live. Such insurance is not included in a comprehensive policy, but a homeowner in Ontario could add this rider for roughly 50 cents per $1,000 of coverage, explains Gilles Gratton, spokesperson for Intact. For instance, a home with a replacement value of $300,000 and maximum contents coverage of $100,000 would require an additional $200 per year in premiums.

On Thursday, he and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale met with counterparts in Quebec to plan that province’s contribution to the Syrian resettlement effort.

The Trudeau Liberals are eager to get other governments to endorse their plan, despite concerns the year-end target is unrealistic. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, who has publicly urged Ottawa to delay its timeline, said Thursday that his government will establish a “refugee settlement centre” to co-ordinate the arrival of Syrian refugees into that province.

Mr. Wall said he is still waiting to hear how many Syrians will be landing in his province, adding no one should doubt the province’s willingness to make the resettlement a success.

“We need to take our time and get this right. We need to get the safety and security Kit Home right at the front of this process and get the resettlement outcomes right at the back end of this process. I’m not sure that’s possible by Dec. 31, but regardless of the timeline, we will make every effort to make it work,” Mr. Wall said in a statement.