Hzxiaoya Shipping container homes can also be bought direct from the Sentry Box factory

Do It Yourself, or “DIY” shipping container Container Houses are also popular. It’s completely possible for a creative individual to take the initiative and build their dream container home by themselves. There are lots of great books and container home floor plans available on the market; many of them are very specific in providing details of what you need, and exactly how much of it. If you have a mechanical mind and a strong back, this could be the solution for you.

Situated on 706 square metres in Graceville, the spectacular home stands out in a quiet neighbourhood of more traditional Queensland properties. Only 8 kms away from the Brisbane CBD, it feels like another world.

There are four bedrooms positioned over two levels. The master encompasses the entire upper level, with extensive walk-in robes and a private ensuite with tiled mural.

There are several ways to build or buy a home built from shipping containers, and each option is cost effective in it’s own way. Container homes can be custom designed, bought as a modular home from a factory and installed on your site, or you can build your own “DIY” container house.

The highest end of the shipping container home market is a custom designed container house. Hiring an architect to design a custom home gives you the opportunity to provide input on the structure and your specific needs, and the architect can take into consideration the environment and natural surroundings where the home will be built. The costs involved with a custom design are only limited by your imagination.

Shipping container homes can also be bought direct from the Sentry Box factory. Increasingly, shipping container houses are being treated similar to modular homes and designed, assembled, and delivered direct from the factory. These factories often have plans and pictures that you can select from, and in some cases you can provide input and receive some customized features. After the home is built, it’s shipped and delivered to your site for assembly.