The container Sentry Box that I ordered from hzxiaoya

I thought it would be fun to take a look at this container home designed by Ken Kwok for the distant locale of Granny House. Using six shipping containers, Anand Bungalows developed the 2,551 square foot project, which includes rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, water-efficient fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and abundant natural lighting to minimize energy consumption. Check out the rest of these images Kwok was kind enough to share with us.

The strength of the soil, size of the area for the lorry and crane to drive in are another factor for the smooth process.

I myself indeed afraid if any of the vehicles sinked into the soil. So that’s why I need to flatten, and compact the soil earlier.

So nevermind, let’s just focus on finding the suitable container supplier. In Malaysia, most container are located nearby port area. They normally store the container in the warehouse for the next purpose (demolised / recycled / reused), depends. And it comes in many conditions too, some are so dirty, rusty and dented all over places.

So choose wisely and visualize the right amount of container your design will need and the size of it. Like me, since I will be living alone, a 20 feet container is enough for my inhabition. I will make use the area that surrounds my container for living spaces.

I was lucky to meet Mr Tan, he’s among the container house supplier in Malaysia. The container Sentry Box that I ordered will be modified referring to the design and buget agreed by both of us. So, draft and research for as many contaner house design for inspiration and consideration.