Container housing is becoming a great solution for offering affordable student

The benefits of container homes have been recognized worldwide. For instance, in Finland, container housing is becoming a great solution for offering affordable student Sentry Box. Please read about more the Finns’ solution to student housing in our blog. Also the world’s hotel industry is going wild of containers as new companies offering transportable accomodation solutions emerge. Container hotels is also in a luxury top-end category in the hotel industry. Please read more about luxury container hotels here.

China is a major exporter of shipping containers and Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading businesses in that field. To know more about our container houses, villas, hotels and offices, please visit our website. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can also download our new mobile application by scanning the QR code below.

That's why this Nova Deko house is so interesting and ominous. The housing industry is one of the few that has not been globalized; that's why it is such an important part of the North American economy, it is one of the last things still built here. This is not a shipping container house as Lance or Inhabitat knows it. It's a modular house, built in a factory in Foshan, China, built to the dimensions of a shipping container to take advantage of the transportation infrastructure. This is a very different thing; It can be built with the amount of steel needed for a house (a lot less than is needed for a shipping container that gets stacked 9 high) out of wall that is properly insulated, out of appropriate materials.

Ms. Spinks expects multigeneration homes will continue to increase in number, but the bigger developing real estate opportunity for container construction could be congregate living.

“Every generation is facing new and unique challenges ,which means people are becoming much more creative in the way they live. Occasionally, seniors will outlive their savings; we’re seeing a rise in ‘grey divorce’; young people are struggling to find work and pay off student debt. All of these challenges create a strong case for co-habiting. Humans are very adaptive creatures; we adapt our living spaces to our reality.”

But the limits of how creative we’re willing to get with our Mobile Toilet might not be quite as wide as Ms. Spinks believes. Mr. Lemieux said his biggest hurdle to date has been educating people on the end product.