The effect of excluding manufactured Modified Shipping Container Home

A city may not adopt or enforce zoning regulations or other provisions which have the effect of excluding manufactured Modified Shipping Container Home  from the entire zoning jurisdiction.

Also see NCGS §143-143.8 through 143-151.5 for creation of the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Board, delegation of certain duties to the Commissioner of Insurance, standards for sellers of manufactured homes, including criminal checks, required warranties, procedures for presenting claims for breach of warranties, cancellation of purchase, licensing of sellers, regulation of escrow accounts, and establishing uniform construction standards for manufactured homes. The construction standards largely defer to the HUD standards.

Local governments may have obtained more out of the passage of the bill 1987 than the manufactured housing industry, as subsection (d) states that “A city may adopt and enforce appearance and dimensional criteria for manufactured homes.” Note that subsection (d) of the statute restates the constitutional limits of the general police power, as follows:

Her son was seeing something else: his future. As more builders and buyers experience the benefits of prefab construction -- a faster build, less impact on the neighborhood, safer for workers -- all of us will be seeing fewer trucks parked for months in neighborhood streets and more energy-efficient housing going up.

"Given all of the advantages of modular, it's crazy to build another way," says Donna Peak of the National Association of Home Builders, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group with 140,000 members. "There's been a tremendous level in interest from consumers and builders in the past year."

The reasons: Construction labor shortages, urgent need for more housing and people following the news saw modular homes -- overbuilt to be moved to the site -- withstand storms and other disasters when standard site-built structures were torn apart.

"The stigma of modular is going away as people understand that it's a technique not a style," says Peak, whose organization sees expandable house as leading the way in green construction. "Modular is not a mobile home park and it's not cookie-cutter. Members rarely build the same house twice."

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