Most Container Houses companies are still using loose

This seems like a weak claim for a number of reasons. Most Container Houses companies are still using loose, batt insulation that is often falling out of the framing by the time the modules reach the site. Batt insulation alone is not what is making the better green homes out there more energy efficient. Also, in many cases, all of that house wrap that is supposed to be sealing up the home from the outside is tearing apart and falling off of the exterior by the time the modules reach their final resting spot. Lastly, the extra framing we spoke about earlier is causing more thermal bridges in the building envelope. In other words, the more structural framing that connects to both the drywall inside and the exterior sheathing outside, the poorer the total insulation of the home. Wood is a very poor insulator.

Expandable house plans start with the basic essential rooms to be built during the first phase of construction. The construction plans provide, in advance, the specific structural details and specifications needed to easily accommodate subsequent additions with the least amount of disruption to daily family activities and limited retrofitting of the existing building. Future framed openings, wall pocket studs and plumbing/HVAC access are all anticipated in the layout and arrangement of the expandable home design. Complete, detailed construction plans are provided for all future additions showing the exact location with respect to the existing first phase, as well as the exterior elevations of what the entire final project will look like. Expandable and Flexible House Plans Expandable, build-in-stages house plans aren't just for young families seeking a starter home. We have seen a growing request at our design firm for future retirement/semi-retirement combo-vacation homes.

Architects no longer need to develop a costly and time consuming relationship with prefab manufacturers or worry about marketing and selling their designs with the hybrid approach. Many different plans from many different architects can be used in the hybrid system anywhere in the country.

People planning for the future by building in stages with multi-use expandable home designs are starting out small with either vacation cottages or small rental Modular Home. One expandable house plan in particular we designed for a client was for a build-in-stages combination vacation and retirement home in a small village where their young daughter just accepted a new job. Noted for its ideal retirement qualities, this mountain and lake region provided a welcomed vacation retreat from their city lives and daily work, as well as a place for their daughter to live until she could afford a down payment on a home of her own.