Prefabricated Houses construction is performed in a manufacturing facility

The primary difference between modular construction and site-built construction is that Prefabricated Houses construction is performed in a manufacturing facility and the building components are transported to the site for installation and final assembly. The construction codes and materials used are exactly the same. Read more about why building modular makes sense...

Modular buildings are easy to relocate, allowing you to move and reuse them. They are also expandable to accommodate your future requirements. Modular buildings are ideal for temporary and permanent applications and are often used as workforce housing accommodations, real estate offices, schools, banks, classrooms, senior and medical centres, recreational facilities and many other purposes.

Multi-story commercial office buildings, retail space, daycare centers, school facilities including gymnasiums, weight room buildings, library, music/choir rooms, multipurpose room, two-story classroom buildings, and administrative offices, medical clinics, student housing, military dormitories, just to name a few - view SCI completed projects. With building technologies continuously evolving and with the inherent flexibility offered with modular buildings, this method of construction is a viable solution for a multitude of projects.

Hzxiaoya specialises in remote workforce accommodations around the world. Beyond providing transportable buildings, we prioritise safety processes, quality and the understanding of your unique requirements.

In Australia, we have a standard fleet of transportable buildings from bunkhouses, kitchen and dining facilities, recreation buildings and more, ready to be rapidly deployed to your expandable house project site. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities also allow us to customise a building solution for you, whether you need a temporary construction camp or a permanent workforce housing facility.