The old family Container House

A sprinkling of antiques ties the Goodson's new log home to the old family Container House, recalling the years Jim's family has lived on the land. "We have a lot of things from the old farm - a secretary in the great room and old dishes," says Jim. "In the sunroom, I have an old butter churn and the cowbell that my mom used to get us kids to come inside. In the family room, we have some antique black kettles that we used to use."

It appears that, although the style has changed, the family farmstead has a stronghold on the younger generation, too. Fourteen-year-old Josh loves the log house. "he says he loves the place so much, he's never moving out," notes Kita. "he's' going to live here forever."

No one can deny the sheer beauty amid the seeming simplicity of log homes. And in the state of Indiana with cold winters, the sight of a log cabin bears a stark yet homey contrast against the snowfield around it. Images of hot cups of tea or coffee amid a chilling winter night, or of the warmth and comfort provided by a wood-fired fireplace inevitably come to mind when seeing a log house.

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"Log homes are cropping up all over the place here," says Jim, whose family has lived on the 140-acre farm (in a frame farmhouse) since the first settlers arrived in Iowa. "People see them and decided they like them."

Jim and Kita took the inspiration for their log home from their timeshare in Colorado. But somehow, sheltered among the oak and hickory trees at the edge of a cornfield, the handsome three-story Granny House looks right at home.