Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings


Last Price constructed a four-unit apartment building made of steel transport Container House in Brookland. The project in 2014 delivered.

Well, price, along with developer Neighborhood Development Company (NDC), says he hopes to bring another shipment packaging creation in the city. NDC Price and presented a proposal to DCs Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to create on a city-owned land in 1600 Gales St. NE east of the H Street Corridor, a 22-unit condominium building. The three-bedroom units would be geared at 1,200 square meters in size and family.

Then there is Meka. They do not body shipment alembic housing; they body what I will alarm apartment containers- modules of houses that are congenital to shipment alembic ambit to yield advantage of the shipment alembic infrastructure, after a lot of of the problems that in fact appear from alive with shipment containers.

Where a shipment alembic is advised with abundant animate to assemblage nine top absolutely abounding with stuff, Meka designs their boxes with just abundant animate to do the structural job that is required,

while filling in the rest with conventional building materials that cost a lot less, that are easier to work with, and provide some insulation.

Forty percent of the units would be offered as affordable housing; about $ 107,000 - - half would for those who make 50 percent of the area median income instead and the other half will make for those between 50 and 80 percent of AMI offered.

Price spoke to the Post about his latest proposal and the state of modern architecture in the district.

That’s the goal of the newly formed nonprofit Veterans Container Houses Development Corp., an organization that plans to take an 8-foot-by-40-foot shipping container and turn it into a home for veterans who don’t have one.