MiniHome offers several models of green modular houses


Two popular types of Container House are modular homes and panelized (panel) homes. Both of these methods produce traditional styles of houses. Finish work (usually including drywall and trim) is completed after the main structure is assembled and passes inspection. In most places, prefab houses must be approved by a local building inspector while the plumbing and wiring is still visible in the walls and after the house is finished.

Putting together a modular home is a bit like stacking toy building blocks — but more complicated. Depending on the design of the home and the distance from the manufacturer to the building site, each “block” may be an entire house, a room, groups of rooms or only a portion of a room.

MiniHome offers several models of green modular houses. These units include solar panels, and the company avoids using toxic chemicals in any of the construction materials. No part of the house is vinyl, which can produce gasses that may cause health problems. And the only material that has formaldehyde in it is the insulation in the SIPs, which is sealed from interior spaces, so off-gassing should not be a concern.

"Every time we think about a new product we are accompanied by the habitual uniqueness of thoughts," Clei's sales director, Dr. Luca Colombo tells Gizmag. "The will to explore new ideas for the living dimension that later translate into multifunctional products and multiply the domestic space. Therefore, creating an additional room in the house, regardless of the real available space."

Modular homes are not adaptable Container Houses and can attending just like any website congenital home. After the architecture accessories leaves and your abode modules accept been accumulated a little backyard affliction and home adornment can transform your modular home into a home candied home. Actually, I'm afraid at abounding of the modular homes in my community. They accept sunrooms, ample across-the-board porches, all-inclusive area and garden decorations. Honestly, at aboriginal glance you would never apperceive these were modular homes. One modular home buyer that I know, has a abounding basement for her modular home. Now she has a accomplished basement!