Shipping container Mobile Toilet architecture is all the rage


Try alternating between vertical and horizontal book piles in Container House. Horizontal stacks will break the pattern of the vertical lines and add more visual interest, making it much more easier to style the shelves with additional objects. Just make sure the rhythm is random and not the same all over, as it defeats the purpose by creating a rigid pattern that’s heavy on the eye.

If you care about getting consistent, high quality housing that's fast and cheap, this will make you happy. If you care about all those jobs that have vaporized in the housing crash, it's a problem, they've been exported.

Today, shipping container Mobile Toilet architecture is all the rage, and we have shown dozens of them on TreeHugger. Where containers were once expensive, now they are cheap and ubiquitous, and designers are doing amazing things with them. Did I make a terrible career move?

Containers can be an essential part of your site, useful for any aspect of the job. We’ve seen in previous blogs about all the weird and wonderful applications that containers might have, but let’s get back to work for a second and consider just how important one may be for any aspect of your next task.

Whether the job is big or small, it’s a fact that everybody needs storage. From clearing out a house to storing equipment, containers from Hzxiaoya can be exactly what you need. No one wants to leave expensive equipment laying on-site overnight and the cost and technicality of off-site storage can be all too prohibitive and time consuming. If you are renovating your house, you’ll also want to be sure that all of your possessions are locked away safely whilst work is underway, giving you one less thing to worry about and avoiding cutting into that already strained budget.

A goal of clean indoor air and very low levels of harmful gas output are targeted for the emissions aspect of the Container Houses program. To achieve this, the paint, treatments and materials used are free of emissive pollutants, motion-sensing vents are employed to stop mold forming (also a gas emitter) and outdoor plants are dotted around to absorb gasses.