The perfect container house for modern families

Chuck Lemieux thinks he’s hit on the perfect home for modern families: an affordable structure that offers durability and a flexible floor plan and one that can easily expand, with all the renovation work carried out off-site.Mr. Company Lemieux, blocks container structures in Okotoks, Alta., Is a shipping container construction Startup offer creative solutions for multigenerational households. The conventions of challenges as we to size

"The really special thing about the construction of containers is that we can start with a small one- or two-bedroom house, and then we can add that to grow to your home around you as you grow your family, as your circumstances change and as increasing your budget. we start planning where you want to be, and then we are for where you build are. "

It sounds futuristic, but Mr. Lemieux says, this model has proved successful and are working on now.“I have clients who’ve called me and said they’re expecting their first child, so can we look at putting together a couple of new units for them and delivering in six months’ time. We can stack upwards or outwards.”