Hzxiaoya back in the early days of the shipping Container Houses

Back in the early days of the shipping Container Houses, there wasn't much of the handling infrastructure to move them from truck to ship to train; in fact, there wasn't any. So my dad's company designed their containers with big square sockets at the corners (this was before dimensions and corner castings were totally standardized).

A truck outfitted with hydraulics would back under, lift up until the container was off the ground, you would pull the legs out of the sockets and then the truck would drop down and drive away.

That's why I was so excited about Gerhard Feldbacher's Simple Home; it is delivered on a flatbed and supported on legs. This makes it a lot easier to transport and set up than a shipping container, there is no need for a crane to drop it on the ground. The Home to Go model is made of wood, is 8'-6" wide (the widest you can go down the highway without special permits and licences) by 25' long.

It is built of one of my favorite materials, cross-laminated timber four inches thick and a ventilated larch exterior so it will cool and comfortable inside.

It's a lovely little interior design as well, with a pop-out bedroom and fold-down deck. I love the old suitcase storage.

There is a Sentry Box that folds up and a bathroom behind. There is no explanation that I can find about where the water goes from the bathroom and kitchen, whether there are tanks or not.