Hzxiaoya tiny homes often require functionality over fashion

Tiny homes often require functionality over fashion, but Tiny Heirloom boasts a catalog of luxurious tiny Granny House guaranteed to make the most out of your space. Apart from their trailers’ portability, company models also have the option of high-end kitchens and even a washer and dryer. Advertised models also include loft bedrooms with plenty of windows to prevent claustrophobia. The Portland-based designer company handcrafts all housing models and even allow customers to tour a few tiny home models to see if they are a good fit for their lifestyle. And if that wasn’t good enough, the company can even deliver your tiny home to you, free of charge.

Tiny Texas Houses uses 99% pure salvage for all of its building materials, not only living by the sustainable model, but also turning trash into a treasure. “Building the future with the past,” this tiny house company also strive to use all-American parts and bring sub-zero carbon footprint living into the present rather than a dream of the future. Models can be customized without the loft bedroom for those unable to climb ladders and featured floor plans are free when customers sign up for the company’s online newsletter. Tiny Texas Homes also hosts guided tours for those interested in previewing what life in a tiny home would be like.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company makes more than just custom tiny homes. Newbies to the tiny house scene can also browse their house-to-go study plans, purchase a construction DVD with over three hours of footage to guide you through a construction process if you choose to go the building alone, as well as trailers for the foundation of your home. Tumbleweed also includes their own design guide for inspiration and a view into the innovative ways tiny homes are used. Because any building project can take some time and heavy lifting, Tumbleweed also includes what they call a “The Amish Barn Raiser” kit or a skeleton of your tiny home to help get your house off the ground and running.

Molecule Tiny Homes stays true to a sustainable living model. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, the designing pair (who are also brothers-in-law) behind the company sees a larger picture, including a world with homeowners more conscious of their living space. Home design can include options like composting toilets and solar-powered electrical compatibility if desired. The two men come from artistic backgrounds, one as a professional ballet dancer while the other created customized hot rods, though have since turned their attentions to the growing world of tiny home design.

Four Lights Tiny House Company was started by Jay Shafer, who literally wrote the book on the tiny home movement. From a variety of tiny house models like The Marie Colvin and The Zinn, Four Lights also features plans to allow customers to create their own compact furnishings fit for their home. Four Lights is currently in the works of formulating a tiny home village in Sonoma County, CA, and holds workshops across the country for those interested in the process and design of tiny homes.

American Tiny House Company utilizes “green construction,” which aims to use environmentally friendly construction practices. Whether it is a Sentry Box, office space or a full-time home, American Tiny House Company can construct a customized space in as little as 4-6 weeks. These “stewards of the earth” also specializes in unconventional tiny homes, with an array of options and unique designs available to make any tiny home a perfect fit for its owners.