Combining these together will help keep your Sentry Box cool

Combining these together will help keep your Sentry Box cool. I use curtains, blinds, and plants throughout my house to keep my home as cool as possible. Some of these methods are very cheap, which can give you a quick and immediate solution in keeping your house cool.

"We also managed to bring in 1.3 tonnes of essential food that had been distributed to almost all the flood victims state-wide, and we feel it is a small contribution," he added.

The 22 units of modular housing in Ballymun will now not be finished for another three weeks at least.

Builders were supposed to have the homes completed before Christmas as part a "rapid build" contract with Dublin City Council.

I also absolutely love to make gardens, so I would place my tiny house in my enormous garden with one of those “outdoor rooms” I’ve seen that are made as part of a garden. These outdoor living spaces are enclosed by hedges or large planter boxes or beautiful fences covered with climbing, flowering vines. A central flag-stone patio with chairs and a table and loungers is surrounded by plantings of grassy areas and your favorite perennials. With some nice large umbrellas, some reclining lawn chairs, a bed on a platform with a canopy, or a three-sided hot house type structure you can have shelter and still be outside. Maybe put the hot-tub in one corner, instead of on the deck. The variations are endless! How about a small pool for cooling off!

In most instances, a Post & Beam or Timber Frame employing Traditional Joinery would require an experienced crew for assembly, because of the way they are put together. Again, NOT always the case!

Fischer revealed that the funds for the Container Houses were collected from their retailers, customers, employees and that he was grateful that all who contributed did it based on huma¬nitarian grounds.