Container House are much eco-friendly


Well, Container House are much eco-friendly than conventional homes as well. Compared to site-built construction, modular construction creates less landfill trash, because the factories that produce them get better lumber, and waste less during framing, and some even use the bits they cannot reuse as fuel to heat the factories. On the other hand, most site-built constructions produce over 4 dumper loads of debris, and a great deal of wasted materials. Cannot believe? Just look inside a dumpster the next time a framing crew is busy at a job site near you. Overall it is very hard to get framing crews who are paid for labor only to care about the materials they wasted, after all the builder only pays for that.

What is more, modular homes offer more bang for your buck. Obviously, everyone likes a bargain, and modular homes are right up there as bargains go. Because modular homes are produced in a facility that buys materials in mass quantities, and the labor rate in the rural areas where modular factories are is much lower than in major metropolitan areas, they tend to be cheaper as compared to a home built to the same specifications in the field. Custom modular homes will be much cheaper than custom one-off homes built in the field if the finishes are equal as a general rule. That, however, doesn’t mean that modular homes are always cheaper, because there cheaper ways of building a home as well. As is typical with most products, you get what you pay for, and all things being equal, a modular will typically deliver higher performance than a site-built home of the same price, giving you the proverbial more bang for your buck.

Finally, you need to realize that when all things are considered, the modular process just makes sense. If quality, speed, performance, and cost are all better with modular homes, why would anyone choose to build the old-fashioned way. Obviously, modular home can give you better experience with more efficient cost.

The above are all benefits that modular homes can offer you. Nonetheless, everyone has their own preferences, you still need to choose the Granny House depend on your preference, as we as the financial situation.