Modular container buildings


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This incredibly affordable modular container home is designed for customization, Something the designer wanted so that the owner would have some choices if need be. The container homes are made to store and retain heat conserving energy and can be modified to include a balcony and interior configurations.

Those that take the modular concept one step further and decide to use shipping containers as the basis for their modular may find even greater advantages - if they are careful.

Modular container buildings use the architecture of 40' x 8' and 20' x 8' shipping containers as the basic building blocks for their project. While standard modular building modules can be constructed to almost any desired dimensions and the modules attached to one another for a complete structure of any dimensions, container modular buildings are somewhat limited to 20 foot and 8 foot increments.

The other considerations are building codes. The local building officials should be consulted early in the design portion of your project and involved throughout the process. It is their job to k now that you are constructing a safe building that meets all applicable building codes. Some of these codes may prove to be problematic in your design process. For instance, in most northern climates the International Building Code (IBC) as adopted by most states will require an R-19 insulation package in the exterior walls, this means you need 5 ½ " of fiberglass insulation plus ½" sheathing or gypsum to accomplish the R 19 R value. Taking 6" out of an 8 foot wide room can start to become a lot of valuable real estate when you consider standard mattress sizes and the distances you need to walk around the sides of your bed.

It is been quite a topic on how many people would want to have these steel boxes for homes. But with the impressive angles they give when built and the awesome structures they have, they don't just guarantee fantastic living platforms, they also build-to-last spaces.

Another factor that will help the modifications to be made is the house's final blueprint. When it comes to modifications there are a lot of ides you could think of. These include going for installing solar panels or you may prefer soy-based insulation or better yet choose eco-friendly amenities. Or perhaps yet you may find it attractive to remove some panels so you can have floor-to-ceiling windows. There are so many ideas on how you can modify your place but the lesser the modifications to do the easier the whole construction will be plus you won't worry about going over your allotted construction budget.

Built tough from weathering corrugated steel, these incredible tough building blocks of international trade are designed to withstand stacking, stuffing and strapping and are reused over and over again. There is an estimate of over 18 million of these containers floating, riding and flying around the earth today, but the most recent sustainable design trend has found these Mobile Toilet revamped to contain a more delicate cargo: People.