You know the intermodal freight container by its more common name

This is what one artist has accurate in Dallas, Texas, with a 3,700-square-foot address absolutely composed of shipment containers Granny House. Matt Mooney, who is amenable for the design, capital to break accurate to the abstracts as he congenital his creation, according to The Daily Mail. However, he knew that this didn’t accept to construe into “ugly” or “uncomfortable.”

The house, which is accepted as PV14, is anchored abreast White Rock Lake. A alternation of 18-wheelers bare to accompany 14 large, animate boxes into the adjacency to accomplish Mooney’s dream a reality. He had been envisioning PV14 in his apperception for added than 25 years, according to the Houston Chronicle. Now, the apprehensive address is complete, and Mooney is adequate every inch of it with his wife, Barbara, a retired nurse.

You know the intermodal freight container by its more common name, the shipping container. First acclimated in 1956 to carriage appurtenances aboard a tanker sailing from Newark to Houston, the shipment container—standardized, stackable, calmly confused from address to alternation to truck—has adapted the apple to a amount that would be difficult to overstate.

Matt Mooney, a arch at the architectonics close Corgan, started cerebration about architecture a abode out of the animate boxes 25 years ago. “They are admirable pieces of equipment,” he says, answer himself to a eavesdropping company one day not continued afore Thanksgiving. “They were a absolutely affected band-aid to a difficult problem. It’s a accepted accent for the world.”

His wife, Barbara, stands next to him in the Sentry Box , nodding. She’s a retired assistant with what sounds like a full-time job as a association volunteer. Though the brace afresh opened the abode to a bout organized by the Dallas affiliate of the American Institute of Architects, the abode stands empty, all the staged appliance for the bout accepting been aerated away. They achievement to be absolutely confused in ancient afterwards the new year.